Down at The Globe

Last night I planned to do some quiet pre-reading for my Monday tute
so I wandered down to catch bus 412, which traverses the route
from a shopping centre near my residence to the university
when coming up the centre stairway who should I see
but two girls from my PBL group standing, waiting to go
somewhere with a gaggle of 1st years I didn’t know.

“We’re going to the city” explained one of the two who I knew
“UQMS is running some sort of charity-talent night do,
with med students in bands playing their own songs.
Forget about studying. Why don’t you come along?”

Having been somewhat reluctant about the pre-reading from the start
I was quickly convinced to go watch the more musical students ply their art.
So we all headed down to The Globe – though not quite sure of the way
(we only walked in the wrong direction for 5 minutes I’d say
before realising it was actually down the other end of the road)
When we got there we waited a while in the queue before we showed
our IDs, were given three red stickers each and allowed admission.
The stickers it turned out were to vote on a photo competition.
I never found out who won that (and I don’t really care).
The first bands we listened to – well, it’d be flattery to call them fair.

So we went over the other side which was converted from an old cinema
but without any seating so there were a crowd of students sitting in a
series of amorphous rows on the floor like an open air concert with a roof and walls.
Unlike the band on the other side, the musicians here you could actually call
talented. We stayed there until the temperature in the enclosed crowd got
a little too high, even when they moved in an industrial fan it was still too hot.
We drifted back and forward between the two sides of the club for another hour or so
then decided we’d had enough and it was time to go.

Things I Didn’t Go To

Admittedly, over four years of a medical degree
this could rapidly bloom into a whole damn category.
Now I know some of you will probably question the allowability
of blogging about things that I wasn’t actually there to see
and while I admit it has more than a whiff of futility
I actually have a point which I will get to shortly.

So how did we reach this bizarre state of affairs?
Why am I blogging about things for which I was not there?
Well, the answer, if anyone out there really cares,
comes down to the UQMS Sports Day event where
all the med students jog from a pub to this weird drunken sort of fair
out at Dutton Park – if you want to read a better post about it try here

The sort of thing I'm missing out on. Source: UQMS Website

Anyway, now you’ve come back from that non-rhyming distraction,
let’s turn our attention back to the main attraction.
I dropped in for a drink after the attendees returned from the action
but missed out on the main event and that gave me some mental traction.
It started me musing on the question of balance between social interaction
and learning at med school. An issue I’m yet to resolve to my satisfaction.

You see, I can study ceaselessly – I certainly did during undergrad-
but my first time at uni I missed out on a lot of what it had
to offer, which in some ways was really quite sad.
Of course, the opposite extreme is at least as bad.
Moderation’s the solution in theory, but I have to add
that in practice, finding that balance is enough to drive someone mad.

In the end, the issue can’t be solved by mental contortion
it’s a matter of trial and error and attempting to apportion
time between various demands while exercising due caution
to avoid the extremes which might call for one
to compromise quality of work or alternatively to shun
fellow students. It’s the difficult balancing act of moderation.