A week of study’s gone by so fast
but at last we’re past the point where the die is cast.
Tommorow the first exam’s looming
we’re expecting the worst but everyone plans assuming
even if they can’t nail it, it’s not as if a whole class could fail it
thanks to the beautiful bell curve (we all hail it
as our guarantee that the questions will be,
if not easy, at least written reasonably).

Multi-Tasking in Lectures

The lights go off, we all sit down
the lecturer takes a moment to walk around.

I’m sitting in a lecture on urogenital development,
the guy in front of me is sleeping – clearly doesn’t think it’s relevant.
The professor’s explaining something about the meta-nephros,
I try to recall if I’ve heard it all before but still I’m at a loss.

The student to my right’s playing a game on his new i-phone.
The girl behind me complains about someone she once knew, in a whiny tone.
The lecturer says ‘penis’ and an idiot somewhere laughs.
Been seated long enough for DVTs so I slowly flex my calf.

Half the class tote Apple Macs for no apparent reason.
My feet are freezing cold ‘cos air conditioning knows no season.
Some guy runs out the lecture hall ‘cos he just got a text.
I’m starting to get bored and wonder which class I have next…

The Stationery (As Well As Stationary) Vending Machine

Here’s something novel that I’ve recently seen,
it’s a stationery vending machine.
Instead of selling artery clogging snacks
it endeavors to sell whatever items you lack.
Lets say for example, I forgot to pack my pencils.
I can always pick from this range of writing utensils!

دروس العربية

Here’s something from two weeks ago
before study forced my blogging to slow,
the beginning of semester for language night-classes
at the department to which our university passes
responsibility for LOTE and linguistic instruction,
translation, interpreting and related functions.

It’s here that I intend to continue learning Arabic
an endeavour I’ve been pursuing for a bit
over a year now but it’s being difficult while working
and my return to uni may just give me the chance I’ve been yearning
for to put time towards such self-strengthening measures
given the relatively high amount of leisure
time students (yes, even ones doing medicine)
are permitted to use for almost anything.