Is there a way to add an extra dimension to this rhyme?
that’s one of the questions I ponder on from time to time.
Something simple that doesn’t need a lot of extra thought
a way to add a second layer, a hidden meaning of sorts.
Now what should I do? Which trick is best?
Anagrams can work but they’re too tough and a test.
Could I author a lipogram similar to Gadsby?
Roll a dice or flip a coin on doing aleatory?
Obviously you’d dodge English shiritori.
Start a http//asti-aibohphobia? It’s apt that. Rats,
too difficult to rhyme while doing that.
In the end all those things are just too hard for me
Could there be something easier? Look left and see.

دروس العربية

Here’s something from two weeks ago
before study forced my blogging to slow,
the beginning of semester for language night-classes
at the department to which our university passes
responsibility for LOTE and linguistic instruction,
translation, interpreting and related functions.

It’s here that I intend to continue learning Arabic
an endeavour I’ve been pursuing for a bit
over a year now but it’s being difficult while working
and my return to uni may just give me the chance I’ve been yearning
for to put time towards such self-strengthening measures
given the relatively high amount of leisure
time students (yes, even ones doing medicine)
are permitted to use for almost anything.