Review: Super 8

My brain’s still shifting back into gear
after the first exam set of first year
so for now I think I’m gonna steer clear
of broaching another academic topic on here.

Instead, let’s review a random movie!
Even though Super 8 failed to move me
it’s basically enjoyable if you can suspend disbelief
(if you can’t, then the closing credits will be a relief at least).

Spielberg reprises his behind the scenes role
to create another film like ET – but with explosions and plot holes.
The film didn’t seem quite sure what it was aiming to portray –
the alien’s meant to be sympathetic but eats innocent people anyway.
I mean really, Spielberg, are we supposed to just say that’s okay?

Now at the start it looks like it might be headed for horror
and that would have been great but it brings me sorrow
to inform you that it actually ends in heavy handed moralising
(yes, that’s Spielberg, but the lack of subtlety’s still suprising).

It had some funny moments, it was almost worth seen
and although this review is harsh I think it’s fair to demean
the film for the lack of focus and internal logic which mars
the entire plot. Thus I rate it two and a half stars.