Brisbane Floods

Originally I’d intended for this post
to be about my recent holiday up the coast
but today, as is sometimes the case,
I’ve found something more urgent on which to base
my contribution to this blog and its collection of rhyme
(perhaps I’ll write about the holiday later if I get the time).

You see for the past couple of months it’s been raining
and although it seemed that most the water was harmlessly draining
somehow various factors must have come together to comprise
a situation in which the level of our city’s rivers could rise
quickly, dangerously to a near record height
with much of the city underwater by Tuesday night.

I was there during the evacuation of the CBD
right before the banks broke and I was there to see
businesses sandbagging, and the rush to reach
trains and cars before the river could breach.
But people were suprisingly rational despite the worry and drama
(except for one crazy guy on the train who told me the disaster was karma).

The water continued rising throughout the next day.
My family were trapped in an apartment not too far away.
Fortunately they were situated up on the third floor
so the water only made it into the lobby and nothing more.
Personally, my residence is up on high ground
so despite the nearby waters I was safe and sound.

They cut the power, some stores ran out of food
but nonetheless, out on the streets the mood
remained largely positive with the only complaints
gawkers in the way and fears that sewage could taint
the extensive area now comprising Bribane’s newest lakes.
By Thursday they were discussing what the clean up would take.

So now it’s pretty much the end of our city’s flood
everyone’s gone home to wash out the silt and mud
but spare a thought for the rest of our state,
the many areas in which the waters are yet to abate
and those who’ve lost or are missing loved ones
pray for their parents, siblings, daughters and sons.