Not Blogging for Extended Periods Leads to Awards

Yesterday I was apprised of a prize from Love the Bad Guy.
To my surprise I surmise that I’ve finally had my
verse and style mistaken for being versatile
but, despite the error, I’ll take it with an obverse smile.

So now seven facts for you to find out about
then my chance to tout a couple of shout outs
(though without doubt I’ll probably take the route
of choosing to flout the 15 blog rule and not draw things out)

For breakfast, once, I ate a tortoise,
we’d just left a hotel and the rush had caught us
in a state of disarray without time to dine
but while waiting at the airport in the check-in line
I saw a café with tortoise served in a stein
and thought ‘hmm…that’ll do just fine’.

My natural sleep schedule’s mostly nocturnal
the sun’s eternal diurnal
rhythm messes with my internal
clock. I’d prefer working at night to all this daylight,
and if my classes were all posted post-meridian I’d be alright.

Late last century when I was still in elementary
I skipped forward a year, thereby essentially
advancing non-sequentially
rather than more conventionally
one year at a time as it is generally meant to be.

I have a brother he
is like another me
but I’m not as musically inclined, enthusiastic or that tall
actually on second thought, he’s really not like me at all.

Last year I was in a local film production
I played a framing part in the introduction
as a doctor being first on the scene,
I was keen to get a chance on the silver screen.

Well then, just two more facts to go,
so my dearest reader, did in fact you know,
wanting to look a little older I thought I’d act to show
maturity by growing a beard and it really wasn’t coming in too slow
but after a week it looked like my face was sprouting and I just let it go
(I’d put the photo below but I’ve misplaced it though).

It looked something like this but less onion-y.

The final one, then I’m finally done;
I used to be a lifeguard when I used to be young
but now I study all day and shun sun
so most everyone’s stunned when I tell them I ever was one.

I won’t pass on the award as such
but here’s a few blogs you might like very much:

Snotting Black
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The Undreamt Terrain

I was going to throw out a reference to Mahfooz
who’s blog on medicine and his personal views
are well worth a peruse but due to an issue
with my distractibility, I see now that he’s beat me to that too.

Second picture taken from here