Is there a way to add an extra dimension to this rhyme?
that’s one of the questions I ponder on from time to time.
Something simple that doesn’t need a lot of extra thought
a way to add a second layer, a hidden meaning of sorts.
Now what should I do? Which trick is best?
Anagrams can work but they’re too tough and a test.
Could I author a lipogram similar to Gadsby?
Roll a dice or flip a coin on doing aleatory?
Obviously you’d dodge English shiritori.
Start a http//asti-aibohphobia? It’s apt that. Rats,
too difficult to rhyme while doing that.
In the end all those things are just too hard for me
Could there be something easier? Look left and see.


Review: Super 8

My brain’s still shifting back into gear
after the first exam set of first year
so for now I think I’m gonna steer clear
of broaching another academic topic on here.

Instead, let’s review a random movie!
Even though Super 8 failed to move me
it’s basically enjoyable if you can suspend disbelief
(if you can’t, then the closing credits will be a relief at least).

Spielberg reprises his behind the scenes role
to create another film like ET – but with explosions and plot holes.
The film didn’t seem quite sure what it was aiming to portray –
the alien’s meant to be sympathetic but eats innocent people anyway.
I mean really, Spielberg, are we supposed to just say that’s okay?

Now at the start it looks like it might be headed for horror
and that would have been great but it brings me sorrow
to inform you that it actually ends in heavy handed moralising
(yes, that’s Spielberg, but the lack of subtlety’s still suprising).

It had some funny moments, it was almost worth seen
and although this review is harsh I think it’s fair to demean
the film for the lack of focus and internal logic which mars
the entire plot. Thus I rate it two and a half stars.


A week of study’s gone by so fast
but at last we’re past the point where the die is cast.
Tommorow the first exam’s looming
we’re expecting the worst but everyone plans assuming
even if they can’t nail it, it’s not as if a whole class could fail it
thanks to the beautiful bell curve (we all hail it
as our guarantee that the questions will be,
if not easy, at least written reasonably).

Things Med Students and Ninjas Have in Common

I know most of you won’t percieve the connection
so I’m offering this collection as a correction to your misconceptions.

The first point of likeness comes from the uniform,
sure they have different names, but to the uninformed
the difference between scrubs and a ninja costume’s small when
both are pyjamas for professional use, whatever you call them.

Secondary to the strikingly similar outfits
is the fact that both groups carry diverse tool kits
filled with arcane equipment they can use in a fight
(if you disagree, perhaps you’ve never been blinded by penlight)

You know what else is a major part of ninjitsu?
Stabbing people. And maybe you’ve heard of this thing that we do
called IM injection – it’s just stabbing by another name,
one more way in which students and ninjas are actually the same.

Finally, let’s mention the ninja’s main ability –
moving around so as to almost attain invisibility –
but compared to med students confronted with a tough task
their ability to melt away doesn’t even come close to us.

So although no-one’s cooler than ninjas
and med students are mostly just nerdy whingers,
I’m sure this entry will prompt you to re-evaluate
the many other ways in which they actually do relate.

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