A Job Interview…

It’s been about two months since I was gainfully employed
and since that time I’ve occasionally enjoyed
musing on the idea of going back into pharmaceutical practice
but I didn’t consider it too seriously – at least that is
until about a week ago when I received a message advising
of a poisons information position which I found quite enticing.

So I brought my résumé up to date
sent it off and settled in for a wait.
Sure enough, the very next day
they called me on the phone just to say
that they’d like to take the chance to arrange an interview
and I said ‘Of course, I’d be happy to talk to you’.

So I caught a bus there via the city centre
arrived good and early then waited to enter.
They finally called me in about 4 o’clock
for a relaxed interview which was largely ad hoc.
It seemed to go alright but I’ll have to wait and see
whether or not they end up choosing me.


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