Will The Orientations Never End?

How long have I been here? It must be week four,
and despite 3 days worth of orientations they want to hold one more.
Earlier,we had two sessions presenting general info
(I will confess I played truant for the 2nd one though)
then one at the hospital which you can read about here
and now as the the end of our first month draws near
they want to host a “Welcome to MBBS”
the reason, they say, is due to the mess
caused by the flood delaying their big event
but after a month, for every intent
the window for orientation has been and gone.
To put it simply, they’ve waited too long.

However it doesn’t matter that I object,
it has no influence on their decision to select
Wednesday ninth as their day to ‘re-welcome’ us
so yesterday morning I jumped on my usual bus,
arrived at the university and found the auditorium,
waited for a while then listened to our guests talk some.

To be fair, despite my irritation at the pointlessness
I can’t in good conscience kick up too much fuss.
The speakers all made the effort to come deliver their address,
and while I liked some talks more and others less,
like most students I still feel a certain appreciation
and as exasperated as we were they all received lavish approbation.
But still, the event considered all in all?
I think it was too late to be at all helpful.

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