How I Almost Missed Orientation Day

It was 1:30 am, and throughout the residence
all the students were sleeping judging by the evidence
presented by silent hallways and darkened rooms
except for one – which is how our story resumes

When left alone to my own devices
I’m late to bed and a later riser
which is why a little after 1am that night
I found myself poking around the uni website

I’ll spare all of you the boring detail
but for the first time since enrolling I found student email
I worked out how to log-on (how good am I?)
but then what I saw made me want to cry

They’d sent urgent messages to my personal address
but I hadn’t realised that all of the rest
had been pooling in this account I’d never even known I had
‘Hmm’ I thought, ‘This could be bad’

I scrolled through the messages, giving each a glance
to see if any were important or if by some lucky chance
I’d missed nothing but spam and idle chatter.
Then I finally found one that could really matter:

‘Dear MBBS student, we wish to report to you
that after the deluge and flooding at UQ
we are finally ready to resume normal operation
and in light of this we have rescheduled orientation
to begin on Thursday morning at 8am sharp.’
That’s tommorow morning! I thought with a start

So with just a mere six hours of forewarning
I decided to get some sleep and brace myself for the morning
battle to get out of bed somewhere around six
but at least I knew – otherwise I would have been in a fix.

The orientation itself encompassed all of the standard stuff
lecturers talking about their units and a rough
briefing on the cohort’s future academic progress
as well as the importance of maintaining low stress.

Then our first classes commenced immediately after
(you see as a result of the preceding disaster,
and the havoc it wreaked there had been a great many delays
and now they had to do a week of our tutes in just 2 days)

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now
the end of the story of how
I almost missed my first day back at school
so on that note, goodnight to you all!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lovethebadguy
    May 27, 2011 @ 10:42:13

    “I worked out how to log-on (how good am I?)”

    Bravo on that one. I forgot my password for weeks after I started uni.

    One day I miraculously remembered, and wasted no time in arranging for all uni emails to be forwarded to my personal account.

    I am not intelligent with technology, so this small achievement made me feel like some kind of awesome computing wizard! Awww yeah.


    • The Rhyming Med Student
      May 27, 2011 @ 16:40:43

      I discovered that I could automatically log-in to my email via another site on the uni intranet. As a result I actually had no idea what my email password was until the end of last month 😐

      Quite frankly I’m suprised that I somehow managed to work out how to use WordPress.


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