I got my bachelors degree in the recent past
like most graduates I thought it’d be the last
time I’d see a classroom for decades more
that I’d never make post-grad with my GPA score

But I decided that I had nothing to lose
and that thought was what lead me to choose
to look at the GAMSAT and take a shot
at that test, because I just thought “Hell, why not?”

My background’s legal drug dealing and pharmacology
so I was already up to speed on chemistry and biology
I read up on electronics – charges, transistors
I practiced essays til my hands had blisters

I read Newton’s laws during all my lunch breaks
wondering what difference so much study makes
whether all the effort would help out in the test
or if I was just trying to put my own doubts to rest

I got to the venue, met a few people I knew
turned out they craved a career change too
We all shuffled in with our fingers crossed
knowing in a few hours it’d be won or lost

We scratched our pencils across the pages
it seemed like we sat in that room for ages
one by one the horrible questions assailed
by the end everyone thought that they’d failed

What a surprise to hear at the end of May
(when I’d almost forgotten the events of test day)
to finally find out how we’d all done
and be informed that I’d scored an 81

At first I couldn’t quite believe my own eyes
even 50 would have been a welcome suprise
sixty would have been good, seventy better
but with 80 I was almost guaranteed my acceptance letter

So I applied to the schools I liked the most
got accepted to one over on the East coast
that pretty much brings you up to speed
and leaves us primed for entry three

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  1. schorrmore
    Apr 22, 2011 @ 13:29:29

    Awesome blog!


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